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Cleaning with osmosised water in Benalmádena

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Cleaning and Maintenance business

In Limpiezas La Loma, we realize quality service of cleaning with osmosised water. Apply for our services in Benálmadena. We will be glad to attend to your needs.

We carry out cleaning of all different types of windows, by outside, using this new system in the cleaning sector. Cleaning system by hydro-diffuser pole, which uses water 100% pure and this system achieve a perfect clean finished. The reason is being that the thin layer of water in the surface consists of small water drops which dry itself with a natural way without let marks.  Due to it is form just of H20 (osmosised water). 

Characteristics and advantages of osmosised water system

To use this pole for cleaning in height allow us to clean in depth windows, aluminium’s building facade, domes, vinyl’s poster, window’s building facade, etc. The pole has a range of 20 meters of height (equivalent to 6 floor ). This system is the perfect alternative to platform and heavy machinery as crane, etc, that nowadays we need to work in heights. 

This new system in cleaning sector has advantages that other system has not get:
  • Time
A worker with a stairs could reach to clean 50 m2, with a platform 25 m2. But with this kind of pole, a worker could reach to clean till 400 m2. 
  • Cost
As we don’t have to rent any kind of elevator system, you can appreciate a reduction till 30-35%. As this way, cleaning’s frequency could be increase without any additional money costs per m2. In most of the case if we have to rent a crane, we have to ask to the proper permission to cut the street off. 
  • Laboral Risk 
Remove human presence in height’s work reducing the risk.
  • Respect for the environment
Using just pure water and a microfiber brush, this system is totally ecological and it has not any impact on environment. 
If you are interested in more information about our new cleaning service’s system, please contact with us. We’ll attend you in all Málaga province.

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We realize our service in Málaga city, Torremolinos, Benalmádena Costa, Benalmádena Town y Arroyo de la Miel. Contact with us and apply for our services.