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Thorough’s Service of Cleaning in Benalmádena

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Limpieza La Loma
Limpieza La Loma
Limpieza La Loma

Cleaning and maintenance’s services

In Limpiezas La Loma we offer an extend range of thorough’s service of cleaning and maintenance of all kind of infrastructures. We offer our services in all the province of Málaga

Services are destined to all the kind of clients and establishments, like hotels, chalets, offices, privates, industrial units, constructions, etc. In addition, between our cleaning’s service stand out polish’s floor. Contact with us and apply for a budget without commitment.

Our Services 

In Limpiezas La Loma, we have a range experience in the development of thorough’s services of cleaning and maintenance. We are expert in the fulfillment of: 
Hotel’s Cleaning Services

​​​​​​​We fulfillment thorough’s services of cleaning hotels. We are responsible of cleaning and preparation of rooms, inside’s cleaning, shared’s room and others. Contact with us and apply for a budget without obligation. 
Particular and office’s cleaning

We have a specialized equipment in the cleaning service and maintenance of office and private’s houses. You choose the best timetable for you and how many hours you want to contract. 
Garage’s cleaning

We offer a thorough’s and maintenance garage cleaning personalized as private garage as public ones. 
Parkings need a special service because of its characteristic, ventilation, ilumination, … 
Limpiezas La Loma has a qualified personal and the property equipment needed for fulfilled this kind of jobs. 
We offer a service which adapt to the needs of the clients.

As example, garaje’s cleaning service include: 
  • Cleaning of elevator’s area.
  • Empty and replace bins. 
  • Access Ramp’s. 
  • Fire Extinguisher’s cleaning. 
  • Entrance and exit Doors. 
  • Sweep, vacuum and wash in all the zone. 
  • Elimination of dust and spider’s web. 
Resident’s association cleaning and buildings
In Limpiezas La Loma we fulfilled cleaning of resident’s association and maintenance. We are in charge of keeping common areas clean and in a perfect state. If you contract us for a year of services, we’ll present you the service of window desk and change lights bulbs. 

Maintenance’s Service

We fulfilled maintenance’s service in all kind of installation, resident’s association, offices, hotels and other installations. Contact with us and apply for more information. 

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Contact with us in Benalmádena and contract our services. Business specialised in cleaning and maintenance services.