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Cleaning business in Malaga’s province

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We are Cleaning La Loma (Limpieza La Loma), a cleaning business which offer a large and varied selection of services for all different kind of installations. We realize our services in all the province of Málaga. If you wish to contract our services, please be confident of contact with us.
In our business we have an important and a big variety of resources, as human resources as technology ones. They help us in our capacity to hold a leading position in the cleaning sector.

Cleaning and Maintenance business

In Limpiezas La Loma we have a professional team which have a broad experience and training in entire maintenance service. We offer these service in all the province of Málaga. 

Our services are destined for all different kind of facilities. Regardless of whether a private housing, neighborhood association, offices, industrial warehouse, etc. To fulfill our tareas we have  at the disposal of the newest technologies and equipments cleaning. 
In Limpiezas La Loma, we have a state of the art work equipment. We use a large amount of materials and tools as for comercial cleaning, as others facilities to the correct fulfill of our specific task that we work with. In addition, we have different means of transport which our personal are able to use them for their work. 
If you look for a professional, trustworthy and experienced business, we are what you need. Contact us. 

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655 113 649 – 664 476 705

We have a broad experience in cleaning sector that support us. We realize maintenance and cleaning of all different kind of facilities.